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Spotorno is a seaside resort situated along the Riviera coast between Bergeggi and Noli at few km from Savona. The sandy beach, which stretches for over two kilometres, and the three-hundred metre stretch of coastal rocks have long been an attraction for tourists. The area was already settled in Roman times, as can be seen from the bridges in Chiappate.

The seaside town achieved a certain importance at the end of the fourteenth century, when it became the headquarters of the podesta of Genoa and developed marine industry and commerce.
The castle and the Correallo and Sant'Antonio watchtowers date from that period. In 1227, when the town was still in the hands of the bishops of Savona, it was completely destroyed by neighbouring Noli.
The hills are known for their vineyards (producing Buzzetto white and Vermentino wines) and for their fruit trees, especially apricots.

A liqueur called "Nocino" and the local cherry liqueur are true delights.
There are several structures for sport fans: sailing, diving, traditional fishing and underwater fishing; the high spots are a favourite haunt of hang-gliding enthusiasts.
The sports centre, football pitches and tennis courts complete the excellent local sports facilities.

The parish church dates from the seventeenth century and preserves works by Giovanni Andrea De Ferrari, Domenico Piola and a crucifix from the Maragliano school; worth visiting are the oratories of the Annunziata (for the seventeenth-century paintings and interesting votary objects left by sailors) and of Santa Caterina.

Some of the old residences in the town and in the upper areas are worth seeing if only from the outside: Villa Albini, Villa Berlingeri, Villa Zanardi, Palazzo Berninzoni and Villa Bernarda, where Lawrence stayed; alternatively, you can follow the old Roman road or take the so-called "Dante promenade".

Hotel Riviera Residence

Hotel Riviera Residence Spotorno
Situated in a green area, it is at only 100 mt from the sea. Hotel Riviera has been managing by the same owners for fifty years.


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